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Kevin Metzler Founder

Kevin Metzler is the Founder and original Financial Advisor, of Family Wealth Group, LLC. He leads a team of advisors that offer fee-based investment advisory services through FWG Investments, LLC., a KY-Registered Investment Advisor through AE Wealth Management, LLC, on the institutional Fidelity investment platform.

During Kevin’s 40+ years in the financial services industry, he has provided assistance to hundreds of individual and corporate clients in helping them grow and protect their investments and estates, as well as developing predictable retirement income strategies. He is dedicated to overseeing client’s accounts with their best interests -- and not that of the firm -- as the guiding principle.

Kevin started Family Wealth Group in 2007 to support those retired or planning to retire in repositioning their retirement assets for more dependable outcomes, as well as achieving their immediate and ultimate financial goals with greater certainty.

His passionate commitment to a holistic approach to financial services, including legacy (wills and trusts), tax (repositioning assets), risk (age appropriate), income (stable and predictable), and investment (actively managed) planning sets FWG apart as a highly sought-after firm.

He resides in Lexington with his wife, Brenda. Together they have four sons, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Brian Staples Chief Operating Officer

Brian joined our FAMILY in November 2020.  Over the past 25 years Brian has served the financial services industry in a number of capacities, both in the private and public sectors.  As the Chief Compliance Officer, he recognizes this role is critical in the operational growth and development of every regulated business, and must provide leadership embedded with integrity and the desire for continuous learning and training.

Brian strongly believes in the power of TEAMWORK.  Being a former umpire and youth coach, his philosophy has always been, PLAY HARD--HAVE FUN---BELIEVE.  Give it all you got, all the time---enjoy what you are doing--and BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, your family, friends, teammates, and in yourself: if you do that with compassion and integrity, you will always win.

Brian lives in Versailles with his wife Kelly and they have two grown daughters, Allie and Natalie.


Donald Bentley Financial Advisor

Offices: Lexington & Georgetown

_DSC6099 (1)

Jeff Sheppard  Financial Advisor

Offices: Lexington & London


Vince Montgomery Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Office: Lexington & Georgetown


Matt LockettFinancial Advisor

Office: Lexington


Kavonne webb Mitchell Financial Advisor, CRPC®

Office: Georgetown


Jordan shortFinancial Advisor, CFP®

Office: Lexington


Rebekah Wells Client Service Specialist

Office: Georgetown

Sebastian A (1 of 1)

Sebastian AlbertsClient Service Specialist

Office: Lexington

Dean A 1 (1 of 1)

Dean Abernathy
Client Service Specialist

Office: Lexington

Terrie O (1 of 1)

Terrie OsborneCompliance / Human Resources

Office: London


Lexa Berry  Human Resources & Operations

Office: Lexington


Amy Mayer
Reception & Hospitality

Office: Lexington

Bethany S (1 of 1)

Bethany Stork Reception & Hospitality

Office: Georgetown


Karen Wantland Director of Community Outreach / Events

Offices: Lexington, Georgetown


Layla Slone Client Relationship Specialist

Office: Lexington

Heather H (1 of 1)

Heather Hisle Marketing & Events Coordinator

Office: Lexington

Linda A (1 of 1)

Linda Angel
Employer Liaison

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