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5.11 | Stock Market Update (April/May) 2020, 590 WVLK

 Publicity & Audience Report

4.24 | Stimulus Check Questions 2020, 590 WVLK

Jeff, from Family Wealth Group. talks about the economic stimulus payments.

4.20 | CARES ACT & Retirement, 590 WVLK

The $2 trillion CARES Act is the largest stimulus bill in U.S. history. It’s intended to help keep businesses and employees afloat during the global pandemic. Financial professional Jeff Sheppard spoke with 590 WVLK Radio about how it could impact your retirement.

4.10 | How to Spend Your Stimulus Check 2020, WAVE

Stimulus checks are hitting the bank accounts of millions of Americans. Financial professional Jeff Sheppard talked with 590 WVLK Radio about four ways you can use this money wisely. Create an Emergency Fund Pay Down Debt Click here for a debt worksheet Invest in Your Future Help the Community
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